Wall Tattoo FAQ

Wall TattoosWhat is a W4 Wall Tatoo?

A W4 Wall Tattoo is a digital photograph enlarged to a desired size and printed on a repositionable vinyl backing using our unique, time-tested process.

How long will it take to receive my Wall Tattoo?

We will ship within 7-10 days after receiving your order.

What do I need to order my W4 Wall Tattoo?

You need a great image. W4 Wall Tattoos are only as good as the original picture. You will also need a computer with high speed internet and a valid Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX.

What is a W4 Wall Tattoo made of?

It is made of specially formatted vinyl that can be applied to any smooth surface, it is UV rated so it will not fade, and unlike a typical sticker this great product is not permanently adhered to your desired surface.

How big can my W4 Wall Tattoo be?

W4 Wall Tattoos can range in size of 18×24 inches to 4×8 feet.

What are the requirements for a good W4 Wall Tattoo?

W4 Wall Tattoos are only as good as the original photograph; therefore we highly recommend a minimum 6 mega pixel camera set to the highest setting. When the photo is taken you must then save it to a JPG format. It is imperative that you do not attempt to resize or crop your photo because it will lose clarity. When uploading an image for a W4 Wall Tattoobe sure that it is a minimum of 2mb in size.

Once I receive my W4 Wall Tattoo what is the best procedure for mounting it?

Once you receive your W4 wall tattoo, inspect it for any damage. When that is complete, unroll and lay flat approximately 24 hours. Prepare the surface for installation. This step is crucial because the specially formatted tattoo material cannot adhere to surfaces containing dirt or dust. Gently press out from the center in each direction until all air bubbles are gone completely.

How do I store my W4 Wall Tattoo?

As long as you keep your original wax backing that your W4 Wall Tattoo came on then you can carefully remove it. When repositioning your W4 Wall Tattoo on the wax backing, gently adhere it as if it were new, working from the center out and removing the air bubbles. Now you are ready for storage until the day comes when you miss looking at your W4 Wall Tattoo and need to put it back up again.

I am not a professional photographer, any tips on creating a great W4 Wall Tattoo?

Most of us are not professional photographers so don’t feel bad. We suggest a vertical photo with the whole subject in the frame. If possible use contrasting colors, i.e.; dark pictures, light background and vice-versa. If your W4 Wall Tattoo is other than sports photos, i.e.; a family pet or a landscape, we suggest an eye level photo.

My vehicle has a W4 Wall Tattoo on it, can I get a car wash?

W4 Wall Tattoos that are properly applied will withstand dozens, if not hundreds of standard car wash cycles.

OH NO! My W4 Wall Tattoo is falling down, what do I do?

Again we use that phrase, “be careful”. Gently separate your W4 Wall Tattoo from itself and clean the desired surface. The surface as stated earlier, must be clean and dry. Once you have cleaned the surface, reapply your W4 Wall Tattoo in the same manner as you originally did. It will stick to a smooth clean surface.

Is my W4 Wall Tattoo covered by any type of warranty?

We warrant your W4 Wall Tattoo to be delivered undamaged and free of defects. We professionally inspect all of our products at our production plant prior to sending to you. If your W4 Wall Tattoo package arrives damaged refuse the shipment and notify us. We will get it back and immediately send out a replacement W4 Wall Tattoo. If your W4 Wall Tattoo is damaged inside the shipping container (which it should not be) notify us within 48 hours, send it back to us and we will replace it.

Once my W4 Wall Tattoo is ordered, how do I track it?

If your W4 Wall Tattoo does not arrive within 10 business days, contact us via email and we will track it for you. We will then notify you of your expected delivery date via email.

Does W4 Signs offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, because we believe that if the original photo is of high quality you will be completely satisfied with our product. However, if you are dissatisfied with the final product we require that the W4 Wall Tattoo image never be removed from the original backing. If for whatever reason the W4 Wall Tattoo was removed then the warranty is null and void. Contact W4 Signs within 48 hours via email and return the product, postage paid via UPS, DHL, or US mail.

Ship your W4 Wall Tattoo back to us. We will then either credit your credit card or if you wish, recreate a new W4 Wall Tattoo for you. We ask for your request in writing.