Sports Fundraiser Case Study

Looking for a unique school fundraiser, the Canton Lions Junior Football Club approached W4 Signs about creating banners for each of the athletes. They had tried the multitude of school fundraisers — candy, apparel, toys, knick-knacks — and needed a fresh approach. Our sign design team went to work and proposed individualized, sports banners featuring each athlete and cheerleader.

Athletic bannerWhile reviewing the sign project, there were two elements that resonated with the W4 Signs design team: personalized and memorabilia. Using our digital sign printing technology, it’s cost effective to make individualized banners featuring the student’s picture, student’s name, team name and school logo. The larger size banners look great on the field and at home hanging in each child’s room.

As a fundraiser, the banners targeted the thing parents want most — memorabilia to celebrate the event and remind them of the school or club activity. Nothing celebrates an event more than seeing your child in their sport uniform. Combine the athlete’s picture with familiar school and club logos, and you have unforgettable, personalized memorabilia. The Canton Lions Junior Football Club fundraiser was a huge success.

sports-bannerProject Overview

Here is a detailed review of their banner project.

  • Create banners
  • Digital Printing
  • Made in the USA

Banner Sign Project

If your school or athletic club is interested in a fresh approach to fundraising, W4 Signs is ready to work with you. Our professional designers can create banners similar to this case study for your school fundraiser or propose another digital printing solution for your fundraising needs. Call us today at 810-588-4703.